bg-harpWelcome to the official home of the Certificate of Irish Heritage.The Certificate is an official Irish Government initiative which represents the enduring emotional ties and sense of identity bestowed by Irish ancestry, recognising the continuing emotional attachment of the descendants who left our shores long ago...

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The best option is usually the youngest of your direct ancestors to be born in Ireland. The more information you can give about them, the easier it is for us to find the relevant records.

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The Certificate of Irish Heritage is a must have for anyone with Irish descent. The certificate is an official Irish Government confirmation of your Irish Roots which will take pride of place in your home or office. This heirloom truly is a gift from the heart that your family will cherish forever to remember and honour your Irish ancestors.

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When Orla Brady came to Kilkenny to receive a Certificate of Irish Heritage, the prominent U.S. lawyer had no idea she would also signing up for another official piece of paper.
Orla Brady, Nashville

Orla Brady

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Ireland's reverse genealogy program working to reconnect 70 million diaspora back to their origin in Ireland.

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