Ed Moran’s Certificate of Irish Heritage was presented to him at the Hibernian Black Tie Ball in Atlanta, by Paul Gleeson, the Irish Consul General in Atlanta.

Ed Moran said: “ The Certificate of Irish Heritage presented to was a great honor. My daughter is already planning where she will hang it when I am gone. Seriously, it is a grand reminder of who and where my roots are. It reminds me of my heritage and the success and incredible courage of those Irish ancestors who came to the British colony of Maryland long before it was a part of this great nation. It reminds me of their struggle for independence from their oppressors and reminds me to whom I should be grateful for the many blessings which have accrued to me and my family as a result of their bravery and determination. The Certificate of Irish Heritage hangs in a proud and conspicuous place of honor. It is by far the grandest ornament in my modest office. Many thanks for the honor of being an early recipient”

Ed grew up in Bradenton, Florida. His paternal Irish ancestry traces back to Gabriel Moran, who was transplanted from Co. Offaly to Co. Clare in 1654 by the Cromwellian Acts. Gabriel’s great-grandson, also Gabriel Moran, came to the Maryland colony in 1710 at the age of 18. His descendants fought in the American Revolution and were landowners in what became Milledgeville.

Ed is currently the President of the Hibernian Benevolent Society of Atlanta, Atlanta’s oldest civic organization, established in 1858. He is also active in supporting many other Irish groups, including the Metro Atlanta Police Emerald Society, Firefighters Emerald Society of Metro Atlanta, Clan Na nGael, Irish Music Traditions, Irish Arts Foundation and others.