Jim Edwards, Sydney, Australia

On December 9th, 86 year old Jim Edwards from Sydney was presented with a Certificate of Irish Heritage by CaitrĂ­ona Ingoldsby, Consul General, at a ceremony at the Irish Famine Memorial at Hyde Park Barracks.

Mr Edwards great-great grandmother, Hannah Rafferty was born in Co. Roscommon and was an orphan girl sent to Australia following the great famine.

Attending the presentation were Mr Edwards, his daughter Susan and his son Peter, his wife and Mr Edwards’ grandson. Also present were Tom Power, Chairman of the Irish Famine Commemoration Committee and Vice Chairperson Perry McIntyre, Kate Clark, the Director of the Sydney Historic Houses Trust and Gary Crockett the Curator of Hyde Park Barracks Museum.

The presentation followed a reception held at the Consulate in Sydney to mark the launch of the Certificate of Irish Heritage which was attended by 125 people.